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'Art for the Heart & Soul' Retreat

Lake Hawea View, Hawea, Wanaka, Central Otago

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(8-10 People Maximum) Make your bookings as early as possible as spaces are limited

'Art for the Heart & Soul' Retreat


- Are you ready for the perfect, fun post-lockdown tonic for mind, body and soul?
- Feeling the urge to literally BURST out of your BUBBLE and seize your freedom?
- Explore new realities, while maximising the retreat experience in serene, stunning surroundings?


Our creativity-focused retreat is designed to raise your vibration, stimulate your self-expression, relax you and bring a refreshing smile to your face. You will learn some new tricks and probably make a new friend or two along the way. 

We are a collective of experts in our chosen fields who have gathered in this beautiful part of New Zealand with the desire to help shine a light on your unique creative nature. Tuition and self-exploration in a laid-back atmosphere! If you have never painted before it's not a problem as the art workshops are designed for beginner to advanced levels.

Our retreat is focused at YOU wishing to explore more than one area of creativity. Not only will you make art - life drawing, oil painting or jewellery classes - you will have the opportunity to engage with professional, full-time artists. We also offer introspective modalities - learning about the power of crystals, crystal bowl healing, yoga, meditation and breathing techniques as well as food demonstrations and cooking classes.

At the end of each activity-based day you can enjoy an optional relaxing massage, plunge into the hot spa pool over-looking the stunning lake or head straight to the open fire to gather with like-minded people, discuss the world of art and taste exquisite wines from our local vineyards.

Our retreat is at the extraordinary venue, Lake Hawea View. This 25-acre luxury property overlooks the pristine blue waters of Lake Hawea and surrounding mountain ranges. It offers gorgeous open-plan living, stacked stone fireplace, state-of-the-art facilities, delightful indoor-outdoor flow, and a selection of accommodation packages.

In the winter months we are 40 mins away from two amazing skifields, Cardrona and Treble Cone so it's a perfect opportunity to tie the two together, before or after the retreat. Wanaka also has a plethora of outdoor activities, bars, restaurants and cool movie theatres. This really is one of the best locations in New Zealand. https://www.treblecone.com/  http://www.cardrona.com/


Lake Hawea View is the perfect venue for this retreat. Imagine painting by the open fire or yoga and meditation on the lawn over-looking the stunning lake and mountains. Lake Hawea View boasts a gorgeous open-plan living area with state-of-the-art facilities and a beautiful stacked stone fireplace indoors and out. Vast sliding cedar doors lead out from the dining room to immaculate lawns, the BBQ and hot spa pool area. Relax in the comfort of luxurious leather lounge suites and soft furnishings or chill out in the sun on the elevated day bed. Large granite bench tops span the main kitchen area with state of the art facilities and built in expresso machine. www.lakehaweaview.co.nz


Jane Kellahan - Artist

Wellington born; Wanaka-based artist Jane Kellahan paints evocative, atmospheric and thought-provoking works, often conveying an environmental message. She has won numerous national and international awards.

On this retreat Jane draws on her 25 years’ experience of developing unique techniques and planning processes of preparing a canvas and bringing it to life. She will share her personal, passionate journey as an artist and many of her art secrets. Jane will teach you her safe-proof method of how to make a great work of art, providing you with lots of inspiration and ideas. You will come away with an artwork to be proud of!

Her practical tips will include a tutorial on choosing and using paints and other chemicals including mediums and turpentine. The importance of protecting yourself while using these substances, practical detoxing methods - including using Kangen (ionized, alkaline) water which will be available to drink during the retreat. Jane will be available to chat with and answer any questions you may have throughout the retreat. www.janekellahan.co.nz

Matt Gauldie - Artist

On this retreat we are excited to have Dunedin based artist, Matt Gauldie share his 20 years of knowledge and wisdom. You will be given the opportunity to create some expressive, figurative nude life drawings using charcoal. 

Matt works with a wide variety of mediums including bronze, oil painting, print making and illustration.

From 2004 to 2015 Matt was the official New Zealand Army artist - a posting that saw him creating paintings and sculptures depicting New Zealand soldiers on active operations overseas and throughout New Zealand.  Over the years Matt has also immersed himself in a wide variety of figurative works capturing the daily lives of sheep shearers, orchard workers, horse-racing, and general New Zealand life.

In more recent times, he has developed a reputation for his large-scale public bronze sculptures such as Sapper Moore-Jones in Hamilton City, and a monument for Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington. His most recent sculpture in the Waikato was to commemorate the fallen horses that were sent to WWI and never returned.

Not only will you receive tuition from Matt, he will also be joining us for dinner and giving a presentation afterwards. This really does give you the perfect opportunity to spend time chatting to him about his extraordinary experiences. www.mattgauldie.com

Note: Matt is available for August Retreat only. October tutor will be jewellery artist Jessica Winchcombe.

Jessica Winchcombe - Artist

Based in Queenstown, Jessica is an established full-time contemporary jeweller, with a degree in visual art majoring in jewellery. She has exhibited her jewellery all over the world, including Milan Fashion Week. She enjoys pushing boundaries and exploring new materials for a fresh visual impact.

In this fun workshop, Jessica will discuss the different types of contemporary jewellery and share her methods for seeking inspiration. From there, she will teach you how to use the tools and equipment. With the guidance of Jessica, you will then design and make your original piece of jewellery. At the end of the workshop you will have something exceptional to take away. No previous experience required. www.jessicawinchcombe.com

Sian Leigh - Yoga, Meditation, Breathing, Cooking

Sian is a qualified Holistic Health and Nutrition Consultant and a Yoga Instructor who specialises in Yin Yoga. This style of yoga is gentle and meditative, allowing you to really tune inwards as you hold postures for longer, calm your mind, and work with your deep connective tissues to enhance circulation and flexibility.

Sian has worked with one-on-one with clients for over five years helping them heal from chronic health issues including Eczema, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diverticulitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Post-concussion issues, and much more.

She has created the series 22daysohealthy.life which focuses on a holistic approach to boosting immunity and health, and she hosts an online series called 'Yoga for Snowlegs’. Sian also works with past and future winter sports Olympians to help them utilise the mind-body connection to their advantage - both on and off the slopes.

Sian is passionate about health and especially maximising our bodies ability to fight whatever may be lurking around the corner. http://www.thehealthshed.life/

Jorden and Kennedy Lahood-Timu - Crystal Healing

Local sister duo Jorden and Kennedy Lahood-Timu moved to Wanaka in 2016 after their Manawa Minerals brand was launched in Sydney, Australia. Born into a creative family, not only did their uncle design, build and live in our stunning venue, Lake Hawea View, their family brought to life one of the most popular cafes in Wanaka, Big Fig. So it makes perfect sense that our caterers on the first night of our retreat will be Big Fig. 

Crystals are powerful enlightening tools for humanity. Jorden and Kennedy bring to you the healing assistance of crystalline earth. They are passionate about educating and sharing their knowledge of this lost information and holistic way of healing. They will teach you how, where and why crystal mineral energy can assist you; their ability to heal our homes and bodies from negativity, EMF's, and so much more. You will also have the opportunity to purchase any crystals that you find resonate with you throughout this retreat from www.manawa-shop.com

Jennifer Rumore - Crystal Sound Healing

Jennifer has been facilitating energy healing gatherings and working with quartz-crystal singing bowls for over 15 years.  Within these special celebrations of human life she also draws on her experience with  yoga and meditation.

Sessions with Jennifer on this retreat will offer us all the opportunity to enter a place of greater ease and flow in relation to our creativity, solution-finding, orientation in life and our general sense of authentic self-expression.

Jennifer combines listening deeply from her heart space, with a commitment to serving what she discerns, is suggested throughout the session. She receives, with clarity and authenticity specific instructions as to what the collective group requires during these times, and ensures she creates a sacred, safe and vibrant space where each participant feels honoured and held. Whenever a group of people journey together in this way, Jennifer finds there is a great sense of awe, gratitude, humility and honouring.


We have a selection of beautiful bedrooms and prices to choose from. As there is such a variety, the rooms are on a first in - first served basis. We have both shared/split and private rooms available. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to share this experience with your best buddy. Prices are based per night. Lake Hawea View is proud to offer a healthy environment, pollution free, 5G free

The Guest House

Joined to the main building, the guest house is a two story, two-bedroom home with its own kitchen, lounge, laundry, and bathroom. Downstairs is the bathroom and kitchen that opens up onto its own courtyard with lake and mountain views. Upstairs is a cosy, private living area with its own balcony that offers lake and mountain vistas. (NOTE - Prices are based per night)

Guest House (GH1) - King Size $220
single or bed share
$100 each person
(NOTE - this bed does not separate)

Guest House (GH2) - Three Quarter Size - Twin Share Room $100 per person

The Main House

(NOTE - Prices are based per night)

Main House (MHM) - King Size Master $300 single or bed share $150 each person (NOTE - this bed does not separate)

Treat yourself and stay in the Master Room! This upstairs room offers privacy and stunning lake and mountain views from both private balcony and large bathroom (with spa bath and shower). A
king size comfortable bed and walk-in wardrobe. The perfect room for  that "I'm on top of the world" feeling!

Main House (MHU) - Double Size $200 or single bed share $100 each person

This bedroom is located upstairs and sits privately adjacent to the master suite.
Depending on numbers you can have this room to yourself or share with a friend as these beds pull apart. The bathroom is located downstairs.

Main House (MH1) - King Size $220 or twin share room $120 each person

Depending on numbers you can have this room to yourself or share with a friend as these beds pull apart. Located downstairs, the east wing doors open up onto the north facing lawn with  spectacular views of the mountains and lake. There are two bathrooms to  choose from, both are very close to both bedrooms.

Main House (MH2) - King Size $220 or twin share room $120 each person

Depending on numbers you can have this room to yourself or share with a friend as these beds pull apart. Located downstairs, the east wing doors open up onto the north facing lawn with spectacular views of the  mountains and lake. There are two bathrooms to choose from, both are very close to both bedrooms.


We are passionate about food and the importance of locally sourced organic ingredients.  Our menu will be based on meat, seafood and vegetarian meals. Wherever possible all dishes will be made with local organic food.

Kangen Water will be available. What is Kangen Water? It is a delicious water created from Enagic's innovative water technology. Not only do these machines filter your tap water, they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. This water can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning. This water is an intense anti-oxidant with high absorption.

Each morning you will be served the choice of a Super Health Booster Juice or Smoothie. Ingredients to suit your needs can include Organic Fruits, World Class Ionized Silver, Magnesium, Selenium, Organic Vitamin C Powder, Vitamin D and a drop of Iodine and B12 with a selection of Kangen water, dairy and non-dairy milk options. (Bring along any other goodies you require).

To give you the opportunity to sample our local attractions, we will be offering a delivered meal from well known, 'Big Fig' plus a lunch outing at 'Hook' - both are Wanaka's favourite dining experiences. Please see their websites www.bigfig.co.nz and www.hookwanaka.nz

Sian will take a cooking class whereby she focuses on immune boosting foods.

NZ Art Retreats are all about having new experiences, mixing things up, tasting new wines, sampling new music, just basically having fun with new and like minded friends! One of our local wines is the delicious Otago Pinot Noir, Pick & Shovel Reserve 2018.


       Day 1

  • 4.00 pm   -   Guests arrive. Settle and relax. Explore property, walks or lake drive.
  • 5.30 pm   -   Greeting/introductory dinner by Big Fig Catering
  • 6.30 pm   -   Crystal Healing with Jorden and Kennedy Lahood-Timu
  • 8.00 pm   -   Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with Jennifer Rumore

  • Day 2
  • 8.00 am   -   Yoga, Meditation and Breathing with Sian Leigh
  • 9.30 am   -   Breakfast 
  • 10.30 am -   Art Discussion and Painting Class with Jane Kellahan
  • 12.30 pm -   Lunch
  • 1.30 pm   -   Painting Class continued
  • 5.00 pm   -   Free Time (Massage optional)
  • 6.30 pm   -   Immune Booster Health Food Demo, Cooking Class and Dinner with Sian Leigh
  • 8.30 pm   -   Art Movie (Massage optional)

      Day 3

  • 8.00 am   -   Yoga, Meditation and Breathing with Sian Leigh
  • 9.30 am   -   Breakfast
  • 10.30 am -   Life Drawing (female model)
  • 1.00 pm   -   Lunch at Hook, Wanaka (10 mins drive)
  •  2.30 pm  -   Jewellery Class with Jessica Winchcombe
  •  6.30 pm  -   Dinner
  •  8.00 pm  -   Art Movie 

      Day 4

  • 8.00 am   -  Breakfast
  • 10.00 am -  Goodbyes and Final Check Out




Depending on which room and shared arrangement you decide, the price will range from $270 - $700 for three nights accommodation in total.


The retreat fee includes yoga, sound healing, all tuition, art supplies, life drawing models, cooking class, all meals and beverage - $2,800

All prices include GST

Massages are not included in the package. These will take place in your private room. $80 for 45 min full body. Please book these before the retreat starts. 


The closest airport is Queenstown. Queenstown drive time to Hawea is 1.15hr in a car. Rentals available. Shuttles will take longer.  There are plenty of operators that can provide airport transfers at a reasonable cost - please contact us if you need assistance. We are able to offer transport from Hawea Petrol Station to venue. https://www.ritchies.co.nz/wanaka https://www.rome2rio.com/s/Queenstown-Airport-ZQN/Lake-Hawea



To secure your place on one of the retreats please email nzartretreats@yahoo.com with the following information:

  • The date of the retreat you would like to attend - either 21 - 24 August 2020 (Friday - Monday) or 13 - 16 October 2020 (Tuesday - Friday)
  • How many people in your party
  • The number of rooms required 
  • Any preference for room type (eg: code GH1).  If the room you have requested is already booked, we will contact you to discuss other  options before progressing the booking confirmation
  • We will email to confirm your booking within 24 hours.  A deposit of $500 is due within 48 hours of receiving your confirmation with the balance due 30 days prior to check-in. Banking details for payment will be provided with your booking confirmation
  • This experience relies heavily on group numbers therefore it is necessary to charge a cancellation fee as outlined below in the event that you decide to cancel once your booking is confirmed:

      -  Cancellation within 30 days = 25% of retreat and accommodation fees returned
      -  Cancellation within 14 days of arrival = 50% of retreat and accommodation fees returned
      -  Cancellation within 7 days of arrival = 100% of retreat and accommodation fees retained by
         NZ Art Retreats

    In the event that we need to cancel the retreat at any time we will issue you with a full refund.  This includes any cancellation as a result of Covid travel restrictions as advised by the Government.  We are not responsible for expenses incurred in the preparation of trips (even  cancelled trips), such as airline tickets, travel delays, flight cancellations or health problems. There is no refund if you arrive late or decide to leave early. Cancellation Cover with your Travel Insurance provider is highly recommended.


"After reading about the venue for the above getaway, this break was a great decision, timing was perfect and together with a girlfriend we had the best experience, the ambience, and accommodation was 5 Star.  Jane’s choice of Presenters were knowledgeable, passionate and clever with their food, craft and practice. I was attracted to the art workshops with Matt and Jane, it was brilliant and the results were proof of how successful they are. The evening's Crystal Bowl Healing by the fire was a beautiful experience! Organic fresh juices in the morning, Kangan water on tap ..the team were fantastic and I will be back again!" 

Fay Beyer, Wellington

"The weekend was all it promised to be and more. Like-minded people  gathered in a stunningly beautiful location above Lake Hawea, enjoyed excellent food, wine and art instruction from two superb artists, throughout the three days. Jane Kellahan, well known and very successful Wanaka-based artist, truly opened our eyes to developing art on canvas, instructing us as we created our projects, and smoothed out the bumps and mistakes so that what we brought home a great piece for the wall. Matt Gauldie, a brilliant bronze sculptor and artist, challenged us with charcoal and a delightful nude subject, giving us guidance as to form, shadow and structure. A truly interesting great beginning for a learner – which I am. Other classes – Yoga, Meditation, Breathing and Cooking were all fun and entertaining and added greatly to the whole event. All truly worth-while exercise."

Helen Wilkins, Queenstown

"This was my first "Art Retreat" and the wonderful programme Jane put together was truly enriching in every sense. Jane had sourced amazingly talented and professional young women from Wanaka for each aspect of the programme and she had put a lot of thought into what would engage her clients - eg crystal bowl healing, yoga classes, a Japanese cooking demonstration and Sian's cooking & wellbeing class. We also had a fascinating few hours learning about the energies from various crystals and most of us bought a piece of the crystal jewellery on display. Jane's painting classes and Matt Gauldie's life drawing class were both inspiring and left me wanting to learn more. The whole ambience of the few days was so friendly and relaxing and each morning we looked forward to one of Jane's organic nourishing juices to start our busy day. A great weekend, an excellent venue and learning experience and my huge thanks to Jane for her inspiration and hard work to share her knowledge and showcase the talents of those who were part of the retreat."

Jennifer Delany, Wellington


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